Greek Pies: a culinary masterpiece

Greek pies are a culinary masterpiece that have a large variety of scrumptious combinations! You can find them in all sort of shapes, salty or sweet, traditional or not, with thin pastry phyllo-sheets or crumbly, richer and thicker ones. They express the Greek spirit by using simple ingredients. What characterises a traditional Greek pie (pita in greek) is its phyllo-sheets undoubtedly made of fresh homemade ingredients. All phyllo-sheets are not made the same way! Different processes are carried out to give each pastry-sheet a different texture; sometimes thick, rich and crumbly and sometimes thin and translucent. There are pies made with a large number of sheets, layered one on top of the other and filled with scrumptious ingredients like cheese and vegetables. There are other ones that with a simple semi-liquid mixture of flour and other tasteful ingredients, replace the usual top and bottom usage of phyllo-sheets. Passion and skills may be needed for rolling-out a homemade traditional phyllo-sheet but with some practice it ain’t such a difficult task.



Greeks love their pies; how about you?

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