P a r έ a “Greek παρέα”

It is the usually the Greek ingredients that star in Sympossio, such as the cheese, the wine, the herbs, because of their history and their role in the intertemporal Greek gastronomy. But this year, Sympossio turns the spotlight on something else, which is no other than the people. And specifically to the P a r έ a


What does paréa mean?

Someone could simply say that this Greek word means a group of friends… Well that wouldn’t be utterly wrong, but it wouldn’t be 100% accurate either. And this is because this 5-letter word is untranslatable as it is basically a feeling! The good news is that in Sympossio you will get to experience this feeling! Paréa is a group of friends that get together to share experiences, thoughts and values. It’s about the enjoyment of each other’s company and the celebration of simple things in life. It’s about the good company that enriches the quality of life and very often this happens around table while sharing simple, good food. Paréa: Just a small word that carries such a great and culturally unique concept..