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Spiral Sweet Pumpkin Pie

Sweet pumpkin pies, known as "glykia kolokythopita" in Greek, are a beloved traditional dessert found across various regions of Greece, with each region adding its unique twist to this delightful treat. Particularly popular during the autumn and winter months when pumpkins are in abundant season, these pies are also a common feature at fall festivals and gatherings. The variety in each region's version of sweet pumpkin pie is a testament to Greece's diverse culinary landscape. Local customs and ...

Plastos with greens

This pie, unique in its preparation, is made without traditional pastry sheets but still turns out crispy on both the top and bottom. The filling options are numerous, ranging from spinach and greens to zucchini. Popular in Central Greece, Thessaly, and Epirus, this pie has variations spread across Greece. Each region adds its own special touch, giving it a unique name and a distinctive twist to the ingredients.   PREPARATION TIME FOR THE PORRIDGE: 10 MINUTES PREPARATION TIME FOR ...

Mini Cheese Pie Turnovers

Crafted from humble ingredients, Greek cheese pie turnovers are a timeless snack nourishing generations in Greece. These savoury delights, with their simple yet flavourful cheese fillings, represent the heart and soul of Greek comfort food.   DOUGH PREPARATION TIME: 1 HOUR FILLING PREPARATION TIME: 10 MINUTES PREPARATION TIME: 20 MINUTES SERVINGS 12-15