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Florina Pepper and Meat Pita with Perek Sheets

Steeped in history, Perek sheets stand as a testament to the culinary ingenuity of the Pontic Greek community. Perek is traditionally baked on a metal sheet placed over a fire, made from a simple dough of only flour and water. The dehydration during the baking process allows them to be preserved for up to a year outside the refrigerator without any preservatives. FILLING PREPARATION TIME: 20 MINUTES PREPARATION TIME: 10 MINUTES SERVINGS 8     

Savoury Mushroom, Bell Pepper and Chicken Pie

Rooted in a tradition of resourcefulness, this recipe beautifully combines humble ingredients to create a delectable masterpiece. FILLING PREPARATION TIME: 30 MINUTES PIE PREPARATION TIME: 10 MINUTES SERVINGS: 12  

Milk Pie with vanilla ice cream & petimezi syrup

A comforting, homely dessert that has been enjoyed in Greek homes for generations. While the basic recipe is quite simple, regional variations might include additions like honey, orange zest, or layers of phyllo pastry for added texture. PREPARATION TIME: 20 MINUTES SERVINGS: 15  

Rustic zucchini & trahana open-face pie

Savoury pumpkin pies in Greece are a testament to the country's ability to create diverse dishes from a single ingredient. These pies perfectly blend the sweet notes of pumpkin with savoury, hearty ingredients like cheese and herbs, reflecting the resourcefulness and creativity of Greek culinary traditions. PREPARATION TIME FOR THE DOUGH: 1 HOUR (WITH REST) PREPARATION TIME FOR THE FILLING: 20 MINUTES PIE PREPARATION TIME: 10 MINUTES SERVINGS: 12      

“Agnopites” Cretan Heavenly Pure Pies

Like many traditional dishes, “agnopites” have cultural significance in Crete. They are a part of the island's culinary heritage and are often enjoyed during special occasions and gatherings.