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In a fast-track world, few things will ever remain static; eating habits are not an exception to the rule. As new culinary trends appear, consumer preferences shift, habits adapt and food gets redefined.

A story in wraps

Street Food ‒ready to eat food or drink prepared and sold on the street, in a market, a fair or other public place‒ is for everyone. It makes no distinction for social class, origin, age or gender. It brings people together. Street Food is, by default, dynamic. It re-invents the classics by stripping down the dish to its main ingredients and then redesigns it using healthier ingredients and improved cooking techniques. It dares to differ. Street food has had its ups and downs in ...

Fillet of sea bass ‘Spetsiota’ baked in the oven (en papillote)

INGREDIENTS serves 4 800gr Sea bass (filleted) 100g onion Garlic 40g parsley 240g cherry tomatoes 160ml olive oil 80ml white wine 1 bay leaf Salt, pepper 4 pieces of parchment paper DIRECTIONS In a hot pan, cook onion and garlic with the olive oil. Add the cherry tomatoes and cook for a few minutes. Finally add white wine and cook until all the ingredients mix together. Make a packet with the parchment paper, place the vegetable mixture on the bottom and the fish on ...

Salad with squid,beetroot,dill & cucumber yogurt dressing

Ingredients (serves 4) 320g fresh beetroot 320g squid 160g cucumber 120g strained yogurt Olympos 120g dill 80ml olive oil 1 fresh lemon Garlic Salt, Pepper Directions Clean and grate the beetroot. Cut the cucumber into half slices. Boil and slice the cleaned squid into rings. Sauté the rings in a little olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together. Make salad dressing with yoghurt, dill, lemon juice, olive oil, finely chopped or pressed garlic and pour over the salad.

Spinach & rocket salad with beetroot, feta cheese & honey dressing

Ingredients(serves 4) 240g fresh spinach leaves 120g rocket leaves 120g beetroot 200g feta cheese Olympos (or Manouri) 80g croûtons 120ml olive oil 40ml balsamic vinegar 80g honey Salt and Pepper Directions Clean the cooked fresh beetroot and slice into sticks. Wash and pat dry the salad leaves. Add to the serving bowl together with the beetroot and the croutons. Whisk together the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey, and drizzle over the salad. Cut the feta cheese ...