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In a fast-track world, few things will ever remain static; eating habits are not an exception to the rule. As new culinary trends appear, consumer preferences shift, habits adapt and food gets redefined.

As the world around us is changing rapidly, eating habits are changing as well. Greeks, for instance, do not dine out as often as they used to, especially if it means going to a high-priced restaurant. In recent years, Greeks have revisited the idea of home-cooked meals, and when they do go out to eat, they sometimes tend to sacrifice quantity or variety for the sake of cost. What was regarded as the norm, only a decade ago, is now deemed a privilege; one reserved only for special occasions.


It seems, however, that the importance attributed to the three basic meals of the day has not been largely affected. Even though healthy snacks have been−to a large extent−replaced by takeaways and processed food, breakfast, lunch and dinner have managed more or less to maintain their traditional value.

Apparently, though not totally immune to outside circumstances or trends, Greek people still enjoy a value-based food culture, with nurture always being the positive reinforcer.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. - George Bernard Shaw

There is an upside to this climate of change. Given that gourmet food per se is no longer desired by the many, simple food appears to be slowly catching up: more carefully selected ingredients, slower and more meticulous preparation, enhanced cooking techniques, etc.

As far as one can tell, modern day gastronomy appears to be changing as well−more now than ever before. It has become less pretentious and much more receptive to embracing food types and ingredients that were once considered unsophisticated and commonplace.

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by Marianna Avouri