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Lamb with wild greens, Florina peppers & mushrooms

INGREDIENTS serves 4 800gr boneless leg of lamb, cut into irregular-sized pieces 240g white mushrooms 160g onion 240g Florina red peppers 20g wild ‘stamnagathi’ greens (spiny chicory) 160ml olive oil 120ml white wine Dill 2 eggs Juice of 2 fresh lemons Salt, pepper DIRECTIONS Wash and clean the wild greens, cut the mushrooms into four, and the peppers into six pieces. Sauté the lamb in a deep saucepan in the olive oil. Add the onion and mushroo...

Trachanas (cracked wheat) with mushrooms & kasseri cheese

INGREDIENTS serves 4 200g trachanas 160g white mushrooms 100g onion 120ml olive oil 400g kasseri cheese Olympos 400ml vegetable stock 120ml white wine 40g parsley 20g mint Salt, pepper DIRECTIONS Boil the trachanas in the vegetable stock until soft. Sauté the onion and the sliced mushrooms in olive oil. Add the trachanas, stir, and then add wine to deglaze. Season with salt and pepper, and remove from heat. Add parsley, mint, and grilled kasseri cheese.

Loukoumadakia (little fried dough puffs) with vanilla ice cream, honey sauce & cinnamon

INGREDIENTS serves 4 80g flour 300ml lukewarm water 12g fresh yeast 4g salt 4g sugar 320g vanilla ice cream 200g honey Strips of orange & lemon peel Chopped walnuts 1 cinnamon stick Olive oil for frying DIRECTIONS Whisk together the water, salt, sugar and yeast. Add the flour and whisk until batter is smooth. Cover and set aside to rise for about 30 minutes. Heat oil, add small spoonfuls of batter and fry till golden. Warm the honey with the citrus ...

Baked feta with lemon marmalade on barley rusks

INGREDIENTS serves 4 320g feta cheese Olympos 120g lemon marmalade 4 ‘paximadia’ (Greek barley rusks) or 10 slices of whole wheat toast 40ml olive oil Oregano Mint and basil leaves DIRECTIONS Cut the feta cheese into 4 pieces and oven-bake until soft. Sprinkle oil and oregano over the rusks or bread slices. Place the feta cheese on top, and garnish with lemon marmalade and the mint and basil leaves.

Lemon yogurt cake served with sweet beetroot in syrup

INGREDIENTS serves 4 200g flour 4g baking powder 100g butter Olympos, at room temperature 140g sugar 2 eggs Zest of 3 lemons 120g Greek strained yogurt Olympos Pinch of salt For the syrup 220g sugar 160ml water 1 large juicy lemon (juice) 1 lemon (zest) Sweet beetroot in syrup (traditional Greek ‘spoon’ sweet) to serve DIRECTIONS Sift the flour with the baking powder. Beat butter and sugar in a mixer for 5 minutes at high speed. Add ...