Immerse in our land’s flavours

Nektarios Farmakis

Gastronomy constitutes one of the fundamental elements of the history and culture of every region, but it is also an identity element that must be highlighted and integrated into the strategic promotion of a destination. That’s why in the Western Greece Region, we significantly emphasise promoting our local gastronomy, which is based on our unique agro-dietary products. This plays a pivotal role in the development and future of tourism in our area. For example, our “Olympian Breakfast” programme is a culinary journey through the traditional products of Ilia, Achaia, and Aitoloakarnania that showcases over 48 local products and unique recipes; it’s an experience that immerses visitors in our land’s flavours, culture, and history.


Traditional pies are also an integral part of our region’s gastronomic history for centuries. High-quality local products are incorporated into expertly crafted pies with handmade fresh dough from the finest ingredients, highlighting the Mediterranean cultural element. The use of awarded products recognised for their high quality, such as olive oil, flour, eggs, milk, cheese, greens, trahana, and premium livestock, contributes to a balanced nutritional diet. These ingredients meld together to create unique, flavour-rich pie combinations, offering a delicious and nutritionally beneficial culinary experience. With great enthusiasm, I welcome Sympossio 2024 which this year turns the spotlight specifically on the delightful world of Greek pies, and invite you to a gastronomic journey to enjoy… a piece of pie!