Thank you for 10 years of Magic!

I am writing these lines with a feeling of gratitude and being proud of what a crazy bunch of people managed to do. Crazy because many thought it could not be done and some did not see the miracles that a good collaboration can produce. 19 Countries, 54 cities, 150+ Ingredients,4560 Participants, and 56 supporters made Sympossio the largest, most immersive approach to understanding and loving Greek gastronomy in Europe.
10 years later, the journey continues to grow with the love and support of all those who believed in a unique vision from the start, while at the same time, inspiring and motivating new supporters to embark on this incredible adventure of flavours and life-celebrating moments of togetherness.
We invite you all to experience Greek Hospitality through its core products: Olive oil & Wine. Centuries of tradition with love for what is pure, genuine and unique about the Greek soil as well as the warm hearted people, continue to hold a place in the hearts of all those who fall in love with Greece.
After 10 years of travelling throughout Europe, I am finally out of words… The show must go on, as Freddy Mercury sings and it must remind us of who we are and what we stand for.
Thank you all. My biggest thanks to my unbelievable team of creative, patient and ever so generously loving people!

Alexandros Angelopoulos