Mizithra cheese with honey, yogurt, pastel & orange marmalade



  • Mizithra cheese* 200gr
  • Yogurt 300gr
  • Honey* 80gr
  • Lukewarm milk 20ml
  • 1 Gelatin sheet


  • Whole oranges 600gr
  • Water 150ml
  • Glucose 200gr
  • Honey* 300gr
  • 3 Gelatin sheets
  • 1 Pasteli

*Cretan Product


Marmalade Wash and cut the oranges into four chunks and boil in water until soft. Remove any seeds and then blend. Place the glucose, the orange pulp and honey into a pot. Boil them until the mixture has thickened. Soften the gelatin sheets in water and add into the marmalade. Leave aside to cool.
Pudding Mix the pudding ingredients in a blender along with the gelatin sheets, which have been softened in lukewarm milk. Break (or crush) the pasteli into small pieces and form a base in a spring form pan.


Top it with a layer of the mizithra pudding and finish off with a layer of orange marmalade. Marmalade can also be placed in between the layers. Refrigerate until thickened, gently remove side of spring form pan and serve.