Grilled chios mastelo cheese with fig jam, apaki (smoked pork meat) and molasses

Yield 4


  • Mastelo cheese cut in thick slices of about 1cm 400gr
  • Apaki (smoked pork meat) in slices of about ½ cm 200gr
  • Molasses* 50gr
  • Fig jam 100gr


In a hot grill pan, grill the cheese until it gets a golden color and starts becoming soft. Repeat the same process with the apaki. In a plate, serve the Mastelo cheese, the apaki and the jam. Dress with molasses. Alternatively, you can serve the ingredients separately as a snack.


Molasses is a viscous product, that comes from the long simmering of grape must, until it gets dark and syrup-like in texture. As a product, it can be perfectly preserved for a long time, and along with honey, it is one of the main natural sweeteners used in antiquity.