Crispy Kataifi, with cream of greek cheeses (mizithra, galeni, graviera) and pistachio ice-cream

Yield 10


  • Kataifi shredded filo pastry 500gr
  • Fresh Mizithra cheese 125gr
  • Graviera cheese 125gr
  • Galotiri (cream cheese) 250gr
  • Sugar 10gr
  • Melted butter 100ml
  • Lemon 1 piece
  • Sugar for the syrup 500gr
  • Cinnamon clove 1 piece
  • Aegina Pistachio, grated 100gr
  • Pistachio ice-cream 1kg

Prepare the syrup:
Boil 500gr sugar, 500ml water, a lemon peel and a cinnamon clove for 5 minutes. «Comb» the kataifi filo with your fingers, so that the “hair” gets untangled. In a bowl, whisk together the Mizithra cheese and the Graviera cheese, grated. Add the cream cheese, the sugar and the rest of the lemon zest. Optionally, you can add some grated Aegina pistachio. Take a part of the kataifi filo and spread it. Put a spoonful of the cheese mixture and roll tightly. Continue with the rest of the mixture and put the rolls on a cooking tray (the end of the kataifi fillo must be facing down). When you’re done, butter the rolls with a basting brush. Bake at 1800C for about 20 minutes, until it gets a golden color. When you take the tray out of the over and while it’s still hot, dress each roll with a tablespoon of syrup. When it reaches room temperature, add a ball of pistachio ice-cream, sprinkle with grated pistachio and serve.