Tsipoura* fillet with okra, fresh tomato & herbs


  • 800 gr Tsipoura
  • 400 gr Okras
  • 180 gr Tomatoes
  • 200 ml Olive oil
  • 15 gr Salt
  • 10 gr Pepper
  • 100 ml White wine
  • 80 gr Onion
  • 15 gr Garlic
  • 20 gr Dill
  • 50 ml Vinegar

Fillet the fish and season with salt and pepper. Sauté the okras for a few minutes in olive oil, and add the vinegar. Next add the coarsely chopped onion, garlic and finely chopped tomatoes. Leave to simmer till cooked and leave aside. Lightly sauté the fish fillets and serve on a bed of okras.

*Tsipoura is the Greek name for gilt-head sea bream.