Testimonials by Sympossio Team


“Evangelos Agalou has been to Aldemar Resorts,
much more than an exceptional Chef.
He has been an unsurpassed teacher to a
new generation of young Chefs, teaching them
both the art of cooking and the meaning of ethics.
As the Chef retires today, he need not worry;
his valued successors will continue his work
and uphold the moral standards he instilled.“

Dr. Nikolaos Angelopoulos,
President & CEO of Aldemar Resorts

“Chef Agalou has been a mentor, a friend, and most of all a fellow traveler who has accompanied me in my journey of self-discovery and growth in the company and the hotel business. I am filled with gratitude for his service, his artistry, his nobility and grace. I am also grateful for entrusting his disciples to me. They have been raised and taught from the best! While we will not walk side by side, he will travel in my heart and mind like a beacon of light.”

Alexandros Angelopoulos,
Vice President Aldemar Resorts

Surely, 22 years in Aldemar Resorts and 8 years being Head of the Sympossio Culinary Team is a long time. But in the case of Chef Evangelos Agalou, tenure is of least importance. Our beloved Chef has decided to step down and he is going to be missed by a whole lot of people, for a whole number of reasons!



“For someone who comes from a distant place, to meet a person of such quality is definitely a step in the right direction. If it wasn’t for him, my life wouldn’t be as it is today. Now, that I must say goodbye, I feel the way a child feels when separated from his father. Chef Agalou has never been just a teacher to me!”

George Hatzopoulos,
Executive Chef

“Chef Agalou was a mentor to me, not only in the kitchen, but outside as well; together we crossed the limits and went far. He was definitely my father in cooking and a great teacher in life, and vice versa. Ethics, respect, discipline, love for life and cooking are just few of the things that describe him. And the most exciting part: he had a lot of students!”

Ioannis Rodokanakis,
Executive Chef à la Carte

“Chef Agalou, with his innate values and dignity, has succeeded in teaching us the meaning of professionalism, family and friendship. I would like to personally thank him for everything. I do hope that he will remain close to us, for many years to come, so as to keep on advising us and teaching us, much like a father. I wish him true happiness and health!”

Emmanouil Roumpakis,
Executive Chef

“When I think of Chef Agalou,
I think of a great man and a true gentleman.
For all the time I’ve had the pleasure to work under him, he has
been a role model for me;a man to look up to, not only
because of his professionalism and expertise,
but because he is truly a man of value”.

Maria Liontaki,
Energy & Safety Supervisor

“You will be missed, by everyone. Thank you for everything. The knowledge you’ve given me will always serve as my guide. Do not forget about us…”
Konstantinos Psarrakos, Executive Chef

“Brilliant, flawless, tireless, remarkable…
There are many words that I could say to describe
Chef Agalou. We have had happy days together,
filled with creativity, culinary inspiration
and above all impeccable cooperation.
I wish him a fresh start in this phase of his life.
I would like to thank him for all that
we have done together and all that we haven’t”.

Dimitris Michalis,
Executive Chef

“I have nothing but the utter respect for Chef Agalou, for his personality and his enormous talent and know-how; a respect that he never imposed on others, but always earned.I met him when I was still a student, volunteering for an event at Crete’s Chefs Club, where Mr. Agalou gave me his hat. Little did I know then,that 18 years later, at the end of his career, he would be giving me a golden badge with my initials on!
Chef Agalou is a man of enormous zeal,a man who works hard and leads by example. Chef Agalou is also the kind of man who addresses his subordinates with the phrase “my boy’”.

Petros Lamprinidis,
Executive Chef

“Having recently heard that this great teacher-chef-man-family man is retiring, I would like to wholeheartedly thank him for the 11 years’ excellent cooperation between us.He has taught me a lot; things that will help me with the rest of my career.This song is for him”.

My chef, I dedicate to you this mantinada1  that I write because you are a chef who’s good and always by my side

Dimitrios Karabinis,
Executive Chef

1A rythmic poem, popular in Crete