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Yellow Pumpkin Soup with Shrimp & Ginger Flavour

INGREDIENTS 1 onion 1 garlic clove without stalk 1 leek 2 carrots 2 zucchini 1 potato 500gr yellow pumpkin 20gr grated fresh ginger 100ml olive oil 100ml white wine 4 large cleaned shrimps No 1 4 tbsp yoghurt salt, pepper chives (optional) PREPARATION Sauté the vegetables in olive oil until they become soft. Cut the pumpkin in small pieces and pan-fry it last, along with the grated ginger. Add white wine to simmer and fill with enough liquid ...

Spring Mood

Ingredients 150ml fresh orange juice juice of 2 big carrots 50ml water 10ml ginger syrup How to make it Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Adjust the consistency of the smoothie by adding water. Serve in a Collins glass and garnish with a spring of coriander.