Symposssio 2019: Ingredients with a twist


Raw materials are carefully selected with respect to seasonality and nature itself. The combination of Greek soil, the water and the sun give these ingredients their rich and memorable flavour. Imagination and innovation go a long way, so why not try what our chefs have created just for you, this year?

IMG_6986Seabass is one of the most flavoursome fishes of the Aegean Sea; low in calories and an excellent source of protein, selenium and essential omega-3 fatty acids. A wellbalanced Mediterranean diet consists of fish and a selection of organically-produced vegetables with a sprinkle of virgin olive oil. Discover a new way of preparing a seabass dish that is simple, nutritious and impressive to serve.

A tradition-based gourmet meal ought to be followed by a dessert created to match any demanding palate. Herbs and spices are a must in cookery and baking. Combining the right spices at the desired amount, to create a cake that will be accompanied with vanilla ice-cream, topped with drops of vanilla-scented oil… How could one even resist?!

Recipes 2019

Olive Soup with Feta Crostini

INGREDIENTS Soup Black Olives, pitted 500g Leek 200 g Onion 200 g Potatoes 200 g Carrots 200 g Garlic 1 clove Olive Oil 100 ml White wine 100 ml Feta crostini Phyllo pastry 5 sheets Feta cheese 200 g Yoghurt 250 g Fresh Thyme 1 bunch Fresh Oregano 1 bunch Olive Oil 100 ml Salt, […]

Seabass wrapped in vine leaves

INGREDIENTS For the seabass Seabass Fillet (80-100g each) 20 filets Vine leaves in a jar, 20 leaves For the garnish Black beans 500 g Cherry tomatoes 500 g Fennel 3 pcs Leek 3 pcs Onion 3 pcs Spring Onion 1 Raisins 100 g Garlic 1 clove Fresh Thyme 1 small bunch Olive Oil 100 ml […]

Sappho’s Elixir Olive Oil Cocktail

Ingredients Metaxa 12 Stars Masticha spirit Fresh lemon juice Salt and Cinnamon-based home-made syrup Drops of olive-scented oil for that final special touch from the base ingredient. by Mirsini Spaneli Bar Manager at Zonars , Panas Sophisticated Hospitality

Petimezopita with Orange-Cardamom Jelly and Ice-Cream Topped with Vanilla-Scented Olive Oil

Ingredients Petimezopita* *Petimezi (Greek grape syrup) 750 ml Olive Oil 250 ml Sugar 70 g Cinnamon 1 tea spoon Orange gratings 5 pcs Tsikoudia 20 ml Orange juice 150 ml All-purpose flour 400 g Carob-flour 100 g Baking Soda 1 tbsp Orange Jelly Orange juice 1 lt Agar agar 10 g Cardamom (whole) 4 g […]