Spinach rice(spanakorizo) with grated feta cheese and dill

Yield 10


  • 1kg Chicken or vegetable broth 3lt
  • 2lt Baby spinach leaves
  • 1kg Red onions 1 piece
  • Fresh onions 5 pieces
  • Dill A handfull
  • Olive oil 150ml
  • Salt, pepper
  • Feta cheese 200gr


Chop the onions and sauté with olive oil in medium heat. Add rice and sauté until they get a golden color. Gradually add warm broth until the rice is cooked. Just before the rice is done, add spinach and chopped dill (in order to keep their green color and vitamins). Whisk carefully, add salt and pepper and let the ingredients slowly boil together until the mixture thickens. Add Feta cheese, simmer and rest until you serve.