Discovering the Authentic

foto Alexopoulos

Konstantinos Alexopoulos
CEO Domotel Hotels & Resorts

The act of transforming nature’s gifts into a work of art is consistent with our cultural heritage.
Since ancient times, wine and olive oil were inextricably linked with greek culture and mentality.
By having left their undeniable stamp on our history and civilization, wine and olive oil have become timeless treasures.
The cornerstone of greek mindset is the “Living in Balance”.
Nutritional lifestyle affects both our physical and emotional wellbeing.
Domotel Hotels and Resorts is set to promote all the authentic experiences that Greece has to offer, including the ones from the gastronomic spectrum. As part of our commitment to interact in a balanced way with local stakeholders, local identity and sustainability, we think it is as our duty to advocate the -deserving to be admired- world of greek wine and greek extra virgin olive oil.
The vast significance of these two divine products for greek tourism and leisure industry, is reflected on modern mediterranean cuisine, a fusion of high-quality products within a well-balanced diet, based on the ancient knowledge of the medicinal benefits of healthy eating.
By supporting and focusing on wine’s and olive oil’s contemporary narrative – history, geographical origin, varieties, producers and production methods-, and by choosing only the best, we believe that our authenticity can be preserved and one of our missions, that is to help our guests discover it, can be accomplished.