Anthotiro cheese & white chocolate cream with tsoureki (greek brioche) dressed in greek coffee

Yield 4 


  • Anthotiro cheese 0.5kg
  • Milk cream 250ml
  • Egg yolks 2 pieces
  • White chocolate 150gr
  • White sugar 100gr
  • Gelatin sheets 10gr
  • Tsoureki 1 piece
  • Greek coffee 2 doses


In a bowl filled with cold water, dip the gelatin sheets until they get soft. In another bowl, mix sugar and eggs. Gradually warm the milk cream, and when it starts to boil add it in the egg-sugar mixture. Add softened gelatin and white chocolate, and blend with a handblender, so that the whole mixture becomes smooth and shiny. Beat the Anthotiro cheese in a mixer, until it becomes soft (you can also manually beat with an eggbeater), and add the white chocolate mixture until all the ingredients blend into it. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Make a Greek coffee. Cut the tsoureki in slices and we dress it with Greek coffee, using a cooking brush. (Adjust the amount of coffee to your taste. You can dress one or both sides of the tsoureki slice). Spread the Anthotiro-white chocolate cream on the tsoureki slices and accompany with a cup of fresh hot Greek coffee.

* You can also crack a cinnamon cookie on top.