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High-5 to health

What is now promoted all over the world as a lifelong standard for health and wellbeing is nothing more than the norm to the residents of the Aegean islands, who have access to the finest and freshest foods the country has to offer, as well as the wisdom to put them to good use.

Aegean’s inherent values

When you hear Protected Destination of Origin what exactly comes to mind? Because PDO is used to denote much more than origin. It embodies a product’s qualities; qualities that are attributed solely to a particular geographical location. In fact, the PDO designation reflects both natural (i.e. environmental conditions, climate, soil) and human factors (production, processing, preparation). And although PDO is used primarily to safeguard the consumer, it also serves as a growth driver, ...


Food blogging may be a relatively new thing for Greeks, but it is definitely a practice “well-done!” Whether to introduce new and innovative ideas, varied ingredients and techniques, or merely to help sustain our nutritional heritage, Greek food bloggers manage to successfully convey a wholesome life experience through gastronomy.

Easter Recipe

As customs and traditions flourish throughout Easter, Greek food carries its own impressive distinction and symbolism (i.e. eggs relate to rebirth, lamb to sacrifice, cake/bread to fertility, etc.). Much is said about Cretan culinary traditions during Easter. One thing is for sure: “Kallitsounia” is a treat worth tasting, for reasons that go beyond symbolism. “Kallitsounia” (from Crete) Sweet Cheese Pastries For the dough 500gr butter 500gr sugar 30gr baking powder 9 eggs ...

Trending NOW FOOD

In a fast-track world, few things will ever remain static; eating habits are not an exception to the rule. As new culinary trends appear, consumer preferences shift, habits adapt and food gets redefined.

A story in wraps

Street Food ‒ready to eat food or drink prepared and sold on the street, in a market, a fair or other public place‒ is for everyone. It makes no distinction for social class, origin, age or gender. It brings people together. Street Food is, by default, dynamic. It re-invents the classics by stripping down the dish to its main ingredients and then redesigns it using healthier ingredients and improved cooking techniques. It dares to differ. Street food has had its ups and downs in ...